WUXI JIALINE ELECTRONIC MATERIALS CO.,LTD.is invested by WUXI CHUANGDA ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. and the other natural person founded in Sept. 2006. The company is professionally engaged on researching and manufactural technology of epoxy resin pouring-sealing materials used for the ignition coil of automobile and

motorcycle and the other high voltage electronic components encapsulant,and for color TV FBT(Fly Back Transformer), AC/DC capacitor, relay, bridge rectifier, large air-immersed transformer, focusing potentiometer, IC encapsulant, and for transparent encapsulant of LED(Light-Emitting Diode) and numeric display device, and of one-component and two-components structure adhesive and SMT adhesive, and of end sealed adhesive and edge sealed adhesive for LCD(Liquid Crystal Display), bond for PDP(Plasma Display Panel), sealing materials and surface coating, adhesive for automobile and autocycle, UV curing coating, adhesive for construction, aqueous epoxy coating etc.
   Epoxy resin compounds are developing for higher usable temperature, more filler, lower viscosity, better thermoconductivity, lower shrinkage and CTE(Coefficient of Thermal Expansion), lower stress, better high-low temperature impacting resistance, better climate resistance, environment-friendly flammation retardent system, flexible system. WUXI JIALINE’s products have included lots of require for epoxy resin compounds of electronic parts and products.
   Wuxi Jialine manages the company in precise, practicable and scientific attitude, take ' Treat honestly; Base on credit; Mutual benefit; Make progress hand in hand' as operation idea; carve out the future by advanced automatic production line, high quality staff, strict quality checking procedure, first-level sale team. View the new century, WUXI JIALINE is trying its best to be world first-level enterprise, overtake international level.

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